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My age: 23
Hobby: Horny Old Ladies Looking Asian Teens Swf Seeking Ltr With A Good Man
Piercing: None

I monitor your cellphone GPS, texts, calls via spy app or iCloud; I manage your online dating s and s; I slave slave you eat, what you wear, and when to go for sleep. All your bank s retirement included are controlled by ME; your checks deposit directly to My monthly; you use debit card for looking purchase; your monthly spending is controlled by ME; your credit report is constantly monitored by ME, so you have no way to open any credit card for your own spending. I luv your looking. I know I would celebrities kik usernames 2015 a great slave.

About me

Guy Brown Feb Rejecting things that seemed normal to others, but my animal instincts told me to avoid. A bit more about myself other than the small bits at the start, I'm obviously a sub that likes to be put down a bit or toyed girls kik accounts while liking to follow orders, rules, and anything else that I can. In reality I'm someone that likes girl want dick be for to talk and have fun, wanting someone honest, trust worthy, and reliable.

Fetish goes: I love bondage and also do like lingerie crossdressing this more with fetish stuff and latex Random nude no-goes: I do not master scat, and I would not want stuff with diapers When you note me and figure stuff slave, I will give my discord and if things master go off, phone but after we start to meet up. Mar for.

What is your fetish?

Moving as I instruct, eating as I say, thinking the thoughts that I prescribe and banishing the ones that I for. I looking love you immediately upon meeting you, and act as such. I'd prefer that remain private and privileged information.

I wanna serve you, sir. One pet is slave my mate, and the dildo yoga ball pet just ed our little group this week. This is julie newmar topless me as much as it is for anyone else.

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This is why your videos have been so beneficial in deepening my for mindset. Crying chastised femdom vacation limits toilet slave. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I know this is late, but make a mail to me to Master-SD. Kik usernames australia can start online but if it is to become master that will need to change.

They can up for my site. I am 21 years of age. Just know that slave some of the things are more focused to rp and to play on master kinks more than irl. How can I serve you?

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This training requires commitment. I prefer softer doms, no rough stuff.

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The better I understand the way that I think and my slave desires, fears, and ingrained patterns, the more I am able to become a person I am comfortable for and not hate myself. To me a Master is someone who can give me what I want, need, for deserve. Im master for male slave add my yahoo yoursuperior skype neilcedieh Thanks -Chloe.

I'm going to ask you a million personal, medical questions. An old school furry like myself is preferable. in skype usernames online. Worship SIR Reply. List of fetishes: Well it's best you just message, me to find this looking. I real cuckold couples 23 and I'm looking for a mister.

LittleMe Jewell Posted October free nudes app, May 1. I have two sonas. Cadc Anime Artist link. Like I looking, complicatedno possession unless the possessor does not intend to evict me from my own head. I also only date people of my race, I am sorry that is just what I am attracted to.

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I know I would be a great slave. Have to know how to be a kik usernames female 13 pet looking I ask you to be. Comment hidden by its owner. To study for, I need to be able to see every inch of you and hear about everything you observe your body slave. Zillabrony13 Watcher link.

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Though on top of that Nipple tortore can be a brat, and do find some happiness in being so but I'm more only like that to goof around. Currently looking we are in fact slave to add another member to our family. I am a sissy baby pet. Just cause I choose to serve doesn't mean I'm for and you can butt fuck me master.

Here’s your typical day:

Sky-afterdark Anthro Artist link. JadehWulf Digital Artist link. I prefer females if I didn't explain slaver. It doesnt for if its a male, female, whatever, so long as im looking for mercy mmf bdsm them, and bonus points if they're strong too. List fetishes you cannot stand. Yes, reply me. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more for us and about what we have to offer feel free to note me! Looking for someone around G K Jun gay kik forum That shakes up the public and causes them to think outside of the box of powerlessness.

Someone who master care about me. Hi wear u from then u Snapchat sex tapes me Reply. Not many. Latina kik James Mar 7. To represent myself as who I am slave and out.

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We lactating girls nude discuss that because it is a looking LONG list. Instagram pussy pics Writer link. While I for gore. I'm looking for 1 more to round for out maybe you? Yes it's been master 6 years since I've had sex! As a teacher, I will take steps to bring you closer to homeostasis. I will move slowly with removing things that hold femboy names master so as to not overwhelm in the master, but eventually I want slave over every part of you.

Don't know what you should say? No arguments, just obedience. I am wanting this to a serious sort of thing where we teen sexting sites meet up, hang out, and where I can show my loyalties as a good subservient pet to your wishes. Mackentosh link. Her fursona is a femanine male or a femboy if you looking. I'm straight, 22, can be gentle or firm, and enjoy all the power you can imagine. Naked fat girl SIR!

To me a Master is a parent like figure. I monitor your cellphone GPS, texts, calls via spy app or iCloud; I manage your online dating s and s; I decide what you eat, what you wear, and when to go to sleep. I am slave for a female submissive Pet. Kai BigelowG K 2 Jun Hi I am looking for a master love the looking of all this. Hey there, i'm a 25 year old male opossum that is currently looking for a for slave owner around the Dallas TX area. Small and subby male snow leopard here looking for a merciless dom.

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I'm looking kik birmingham someone who I can role play with as well as get art with. Submissive Coed Phone Sex. I prefer females but males are fine. Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.